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What Defines A 'FULL' SEO Strategy?

       Preview of the FULL Approach.

     In order for a brand of any kind to  be successful, one thing is painfully obvious; If you are not visible on Google (or Bing), you might as well be INvisible. So, how can we make sure that your company's name shows up on the front page every time? The answer is actually relatively simple; It simply requires following something I call the FULL approach. 

      If you want Search Engines to take you seriously, it is imperative that your website has a blog. - And, on this blog, it is necessary that your blog contains FULL; 

FULL Stands for the Following... 

                                                                 - Fresh Content.

                                                                                  - Useful Content.

                                                                                                    -  Locational Content.

                                                                                                                              - Linkable Content

Now, Let's Look at 'FULL' In-Detail... 

F Stands for Fresh.

      "Fresh" simply means that you're following a - if not constant- consistent schedule. However, just because your content stays constant, does not mean that it will help you gain traffic. On top of consistency, the content must also be varied. There are generally three major categories you can choose in regard to topics.- And they mirror the 70/20/10 rule mentioned in my blog post about Social-Media Management. The three things you can usually write about without working too hard are; 

     - Informational posts (I.e. "How To's", News-Based Posts, etc.)

     - Social Posts (I.e. Posts about other brands, other people, other sources, etc.)

     - Promotional Posts (I.e. Sales, Loyalty Programs, Etc.)

In so few words, if you can keep your content regularly-updated (approx. 1-2 posts /week) , and also keep it varied, you're already on the right track.

U Stands for Useful.

       "Useful" is, frankly, a very simple aspect of any successful branding blog. 'Useful' means, essentially, that your content, your writing, and your information, actually has meaningful value.  For instance, you own a scuba gear company.- You might post a blog about the 5 best coral reefs in the world. This way, if somebody searches for these reefs, your brand may very-well appear. Another example, if you haven't caught on, could be, you own a fair-trade jewelry brand. - You could post about the 5 most powerful jewelry brands that do NOT engage in fair-trade practices. In this instance, someone may search for one of these brands and happen upon your post & realize that they would much rather purchase from you. See? Simple.

L Stands for Location

       If you want your page to mean anything to google, or bing, you MUST, MUST, MUST write location-based posts. This is literally the easiest thing you can do to draw google, and customers, to your site. I'll make this quick, because, holy hell... it's not difficult.

- A workout brand, etc. : Top 5 Cities for The Workout Junkie According to *Insert your Brand*

Boom. You now have 5 different blog posts you can write. 

For example, The 5th Best City for Workouts - by *Insert* - Then, tell them to come back tomorrow to see #4.


- A Preppy clothing line : Top 10 Preppiest Colleges - According to *Coastline Outfitters*

Boom. You can now bring in college students & people searching for preppy clothing near campus.


- A Boat Dealership: Top 5 Coastline's For Boating in the United States - By *Insert Brand*

Boom. You can now  become visible to boating enthusiasts from 5 different United States Coastlines. 


      As you can see, the opportunities are endless. Find the motivation to write some blogs. Find a little bit of creativity in that brain of yours and, in no time, you'll begin to garner national search recognition for your brand, one blog post at a time.


The Final L Stands for Linkability.

       Linkability is simple. It's simple if you're posting the right way; and if you have followed the first three letters of FULL, the final "L" is a breeze.


       Linkability implies- whether it be on their own websites, or on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. -  people will be willing to share your content. And, if you make your content Fresh, Useful, and, Locational... Linkability will be a piece of cake.


Congrats. You are no longer SEO- illiterate.

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