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Career Assessment Reflection

My career skills inventory results:

    According to the Holland Code Career Test, my results heavily favored my career type as "Persuading" with 100% in its respective category. My second-highest career type was "Creating" with 58 points, emphasizing a stark dichotomy between 'Persuading' and all other options found within the Holland career calculator. I'm unsure if the career test showed the best possible representation for my interests as I love building (41), thinking (26), and helping (46), but it simply depends on what I am building, helping, and thinking. I was surprised by the nature of the questions used to find such results as many of them were oddly specific & resulted in pretty general findings.

  Regardless of the relatively low values for other career types, I still found "Persuasive" careers to definitely be the most fitting for my personality, core values, and expected  job tasks. Professionally, the featured job tasks of managing, strategizing, selling, and motivating are aspects of business that have always been second nature to me. When I was in high school I started a clothing line that I ran for 4 years before selling to a larger competitor. When I operated the business, I found myself taking risks, influencing customers and partners, and taking initiative everyday. In this regard, the Holland test is-again- spot on in the realm of Core Values. Finally, in the realm of personality traits, whether I want to admit it or not, the test fit me to a tee. It hasn't won me countless friends but, rather, the right ones... as I am certainly, confident, energetic, and highly ambitious.

     The top careers for my interest profile coincided with many possibilities I have either already pursued or have thought about pursuing. After selling my clothing line, I started my own branding/PR consulting practice. The ability to be my own boss and have creative control is something I could never put a price tag on. I have served as a PR Director, Ad Manager, and Sales Manager for a handful of companies; all of which are found on my top careers list. 

     The information the Holland career test provided showed me that I am on the right track for the most part. It also showed me that it might augment my personal and professional resume to focus on thinking and helping a little more often. I am often driven by quick, decisive, action... regardless of if I have all information in front of me. If I can take the time to reflect on others and even perhaps aim to help those in need of assistance (whether personally or professionally) I think it could make for a more rewarding career and life.